The Information Technology/Tech Prep program provides training for entry-level technicians and/or higher education.

Web Page DesignComputer MaintenanceProgrammerNetworkingGraphicsHelp DeskComputer OperatorCabling
This will be the combined area for Juniors and Seniors for Daily questions, on-line tests and Information.

Information for graduation, Lab forms, policies and rules, basic skills help and basic Information Technology

Information and quizzes for Computer Service, trouble shooting and repair. Working towards your A+ Certification.

Information for basic electronics, metering and soldering.

Information about Gaming through Web and on the PC.

Information for both 2D and 3D Graphics for Web, Gaming and Animations

Basic information for the lab. Forms, rules, graduation information, Capstone project and more.

Information on basic Programming in C, ANSI C, C++, JavaScript, PHP and more with some basic quizzes and practice.

Information on Web Page / Site Design with quizzes.